• What is Stock Market Pattern Recognition

    What is Stock Market Pattern Recognition?

    The best way that you can identify a change in the market is to pay attention to the patterns within that market. For this to occur, you need to be familiar with some forms of technical analysis, and how you can draw a significant amount of information from these. This is what stock market pattern […]

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  • What is a Stock Screener

    What is a Stock Screener?

    A stock scanner, which is also referred to as a stock screener, is essentially a screening tool. It goes through the markets to identify stocks that meet select criteria and metrics for investment as well as trading. The scanner can be adjusted where necessary to find candidates that meet the needs of a specified filter. […]

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  • What is a Price Target

    What is a Price Target?

    To share financial information, investment advisors and analysts have developed terms that all can understand. One of these terms is the price target, which refers to the future price level of a financial security. This level is determined based on projected earnings as well as historical information on the movement of the stock. In the […]

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  • How to Find Entry and Exit Points

    Right Way to Find Entry and Exit Points

    Before you start on any type of trading, you need to be clear about when you should enter the trade, and most importantly, when you should exit. This will form a key component of your strategy, and help you make decisions that will finally result in some profit. This comes down to logic, with many […]

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  • Pros and Cons of Autotrading

    Pros and Cons of Using an Autotrading System

    Autotrading sounds like a fantastic idea for traders, as it means that it is possible to make a good profit with minimum effort. With autotrading, a system takes on the role of the trader, and based on set parameters, is able to determine when to buy or sell a chosen stock. Before you decide to […]

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  • How to Find High Probability Trades

    How to Find High Probability Trades

    In order to understand what a high probability trade is, one must start with analyzing probability and what it means to a trader. Probability is a term that refers to the possibility that an event will happen. It is normally between the numbers zero and one. When the number is zero, it means that there […]

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  • algorithm trading

    How Algorithmic Trading Work

    Making decisions can be quite a challenge, though having the benefit of a mathematical calculation can make the entire process so much easier. In trading, the use of algorithms can help a trader make a significant amount of profit, as algorithms are able to make decisions. In essence, the algorithms are mathematical computations that are […]

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  • Basics of Algorithmic Trading

    Basics of Algorithmic Trading: Concepts and Examples

    Algorithms are instructions that have been well defined to help with the management of nay process or task. They can be applied to a range of situations, including those that follow patterns to make it easier to make informed decisions. Then there is algorithmic trading, which is also known as black box trading and automated […]

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